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about us:

Our mission is helping creative people and their business succeed.


We are a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Texas, and the purpose of our organization is to partner with creative professionals that educate and celebrate art through various multimedia channels; in so doing, we foster a successful collaboration that demonstrates an appreciation of modern mythology in popular culture, educates the public through popular art forms, and helps increase access to artistic expression.


We began our mission as fans and creators of pop culture art, in all its forms! We believe that the creative people behind this art can celebrate their projects while benefiting our communities. We see ourselves as partners in that celebration, leveraging our resources while educating the public and having fun along the way!


Our goal is to ensure various multimedia content, workshops, panels, and events are provided within our communities throughout the year, and we welcome you to join us.

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Meet The Founders


Jesus Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez is an event organizer, planner, people leader, and major fan of modern day mythology. With over 20 years working for major corporations, and ten years partnering with both nationwide and local pop culture conventions, he looks forward to helping creative people succeed at promoting their projects.


Garrett Killian

Garrett has served military members and their families as an employee of USAA for the last 21 years. He also previously served as Event Director for Alamo City Comic Con and currently Big Texas Comicon in San Antonio. In both roles, Garrett has coordinated events and worked with local businesses to help spotlight the pop culture arts.


Austin Rogers

Austin Rogers is an Writer, Artist, Graphic Designer and Creative Director who has worked in the entertainment industry since 2003.

He has been involved in everything from comics and film to video games and event planning, both large and small scale.

He is excited to continue the creative process with other creatives and their growth.

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